Phases of Degeneration

Stresses of daily life and activity create different responses throughout the body. Our spines can actually degenerate, which results in pain, reduced mobility and even illness. For many who want to recover the joy in their daily activities, learning about the phases of degeneration and how chiropractic care can help during each phase may be the answer.


The first phase of subluxation degeneration sees the basic and normal curve of the spine alter. This doesn’t necessarily represent damage, but it is a symptom of altered space between the discs. Generally this phase goes unnoticed because it carries no pain. However, proper chiropractic care can help prevent further misalignment, slow degeneration progression, and encourage proper alignment and balance.


Phase II of vertebral subluxation sees the Phase I misalignment progress further, with spaces between the discs beginning to narrow, the practice members range of motion beginning to limit, and certain stiffness and aches developing. At this point, prior damage may be irreversible, but conservative chiropractic care can ensure the practice member will function to the best of their ability.


At phase III, proper healthcare is essential or spinal fusion may begin. Disc damage may become permanent, as has the abnormal curvature of the spine. Degeneration continues to worsen, but chiropractic care can slow or even prevent further degeneration and relieve many of the symptoms you might be experiencing.


This is the final stage of subluxation degeneration. At this point, there can be a marked decrease in the quality of life. Neurological and bone damage previously suffered may become permanent and the vertebra could be fused. Range of motion may be severely limited and a number of other health issues may present themselves. Chiropractic care can allow the non-fused segments to maintain integrity and assure proper movement remains at those spinal levels.

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